Technical Specifications

Stage Information

Stage A

PIANO STAGE (Ideal for comedy, small music acts etc)
  • Width 4700mm
  • Depth 4000mm
  • Height 2400mm
  • 1 lighting bar at front of stage (6way)
  • 1 lighting bar at rear of stage (6way)

Stage B

DRAMA STAGE (Ideal for theatre shows and dance shows)
  • Sprung harlequin dancefloor with cascade Marley top (black) Please note; no hard shoe, tap or narrow heals permitted. Under NO circumstances can the floor be screwed into.
  • Width 7000mm
  • Depth 6500mm
  • Height 2400mm
  • Lighting bars 1 x Midstage and 1 x Upstage
  • Scaff pipes 2 x 6m scaff pipes for hanging backdrops upstage
  • House curtain motorised on downstage 1000mm from front of stage controlled from control room
Both stages have a further lighting bar front of house which will act as a front of house lighting position. Full lighting plan available on request.


  • Dock Door - Standard double door
  • Access down ramp for small vans/cars only
  • 1 × 5 rung A frame ladder.
  • NOTE: Vehicle parking only with prior consent as space is limited. A public car park is located next to the theatre at the Meridian Point shopping centre daily cost €5

Music Stands

(Subject to supplemental charge)
  • Hire of music stands can be arranged prior notice required

Production Sound and Lighting Systems

  • The venue is equipped with an extensive built-in cable infrastructure that seeks to support industry standard audio and lighting connectors – easing connections from stage to mix position for touring shows. The signal infrastructure for audio and lighting is based on CAT5e between the control room and the various stages.
  • Lighting load connections are provided on 6 circuit Socapex and 15A round pin connectors.

House Lighting Dimmers

  • Please note 15A outlets
  • 4 x 6Way Zero88 Betapak 3 dimmers
  • 24 x Hot Power non-dim outlets
  • All dimmers and non-dims can be patched in the control room

Lighting Console

  • 1 × MA2 on PC with command wing and 1k node (4 universes, 2,048 parameters, 2 external touch-screen monitors)

Lighting Equipment

  • All lighting fixtures are LED
  • 4 x Martin MH5 profile moving head
  • 6 x ADJ Inno colour beam Z7 wash light
  • 10 x Stairville Par 46 COB RGBW 20W
  • 2 x ADJ Encore Profile 1000 Colour
  • 8 x Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30°
  • 6 x ADJ Mega TriPar Profile Plus
  • 1 x Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer

Sound & Communications

The theatre has a d&b audio E series loudspeaker system which covers the whole audience area, additional delay loudspeakers cover the bar area and other areas as required
Mixing Console
  • 1 × Allen & Heath GLD 112 Chrome edition c/w 32/16 stage box
  • 1 × CD Player Marantz PMD 326C
  • 1 x Bluray player Denon DN-500BD
  • Main Sound System PA
  • Left and Right
  • 2 × d&b audio E12 per side
  • 1 × d&b E15X Sub per side.
  • 4 × Movable delay Loudspeakers d&b E3
  • 2 × Fixed (Bar) delay Loudspeakers d&b E3
  • 1 × Remote Control Interface for Rope R70 at mix position
  • 2 × d&b D12
  • 3 × d&b D6
Stage Monitor System:
  • 4 × Stage monitor loudspeakers, d&b Max12 powered by 2 x D6 amps located in stage box rack.
Wired Microphones and Stands
  • 1 x Shure Super 55 Deluxe (Elvis Style Mic)
  • 6 × Dynamic vocal microphone Shure SM58 LC
  • 6 x Dynamic instrument microphone Shure SM57 LC
  • 1 x PGA52 Bass drum microphone
  • 3 x PGA56 Snare/tom microphones
  • 1 x PGA57 Snare microphone
  • 2 x PGA81 Overhead microphones1x Shure PGA Drumkit 6
  • 2 × Boundary microphone Crown PCC-160
  • 1 x the t.bone SC 140 Stereoset
  • 6x LD Systems Mono Active DI Box
  • 6x Millenium MS-2002 Small Mic Stand
  • 6x K&M 27105 Standard Size
Stage Management systems
  • Technician Ring Intercom System
  • 2 × Belt Pack & Headsets
  • 1 x Stage view PTZ camera with monitor in control room
  • WiFi available throughout the theatre.
Audio Visual
  • 1 x Acer P6500 5000 ANSI lumens projector HDMI and VGA running to control room. (ceiling mounted)
  • 1 x Fast fold 356cm x 201cm front projection screen
  • 1 x Stairville AFH-600 DMX Hazer

Health & Safety

The Whale Theatre Health and Safety Policy is available upon request from the Technical Manager.
Fire Safety
All scenery used on stage must be maintained flame retardant. All curtains or drapes should be of a durably or inherently flame retardant fabric and should conform to BS. 5266 Part1: 1988. As a guideline any sheet material less than 18mm (3/4”) thick and timber less than 22mm nominal thickness should be treated to Class 1 (BS. 467 Part 7). In accordance with Irish Regulations there is no smoking allowed within the building.
Working Areas
You are contractually obliged to ensure that no technical work is carried out in any area unless there is proper supervision or permission given by the full time Whale Theatre staff and that the touring company work within any relevant guidelines set out in the Whale Theatre safe working procedures and risk assessments. We reserve the right to roster staff additional to your requirement if we judge that the staffing levels requested do not meet minimum safety requirements for any technical works planned or occurring which may result in charges.
Very Important:
Pyrotechnics and Firearms (including replicas and de-acs) require import licences and licences to use. If your production has any pyrotechnics or firearms, please contact the technical manager at least TWO MONTHS prior to your get in.
To satisfy statutory regulations and our license conditions we require information and relevant risk assessments if your production involves any activity that may cause significant risk. This may include but not be limited to; pyrotechnics, firearms, swords, naked flame, water, hazardous substances, personnel flying, special effects, lasers, strobes, animals and children. Should you have identified any "significant risk" you should supply us with any current risk assessments and relevant control measures or method statements. You should also ensure that you have current certification for any equipment that requires it, i.e. P.A.T., Lifting Gear, Flame Proofing, in case you are requested to produce them either by ourselves or by the licensing authority.
Head of Technology: Niall Woods 

TEL: +353 (0) 87 261 1502