The Story of Europe – Painting history

Europe and Art: Painting History

This course gives an overview of the main artistic movements that occurred throughout Europe between 1400 and 2000 that not only defined how art was produced but provided the lasting imagery behind Europe’s most influential rulers – royal, religious and republican – as well as the philosophies upon which their rule depended. 

These movements also recall the changes in social mores that were necessary for societies to endure and provided the mechanism through which the technological advances of each age were manifested and proclaimed. 

Their evolving styles and ever- changing subject matter provided a visual record of each nation’s cultural aspirations ensuring the survival of these images as important social documents in their own right.    

Importantly these movements chart the long and challenging journeys that were undergone by various groups of artists throughout the past 600 years of art history, whereby the cold place generally occupied by anonymous medieval craftsmen was replaced by a hotbed of renowned celebrity artists which ensured their fame and longevity would long outlive them in today’s modern world.

Week 1 – The Story of the Renaissance – Magnificence and Display in Italy.

Week 2 – Painting the Ordinary and the Everyday of the Dutch Golden Age

Week 3 – Celebrating International Women Artists from 1550 to 1800

Week 4 – Revealing Facades – The Great Baroque Masters

Week 5 – Revolutions! Art & Society in 19th century France

Week 6 – The Avant Garde and early 20th Modernism

Rosemarie Devereux is a freelance art historian from Greystones. She has a BA and Masters in Art History from UCD.Over the past few years has published 2 articles in the Irish Arts Review; facilitated 2 Irish art modules in UCD; presented The Visual Story of Ireland at the Whale theatre in 2019 and ran a series of art history courses online through Covid.She is currently a volunteer and a guide at the NGI.

This autumn she will be giving a new course on European art history to be held in the Whale Theatre as well as a repeat of last year’s Irish art history course. 

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