Shapes of Grief – Podcast & Grief Education Launch

Shapes of Grief, a Grief Podcast and Grief Training Programme, was founded by Grief Psychotherapist Liz Gleeson who saw first-hand through her psychotherapy practice, the suffering caused by a grief-illiterate society. Through the podcast & training programme, we honour the experience of grief, so that those who are grieving feel less alone and those supporting them can ease, rather than exacerbate, their grief.

We are delighted to host the official launch of Shapes Of Grief and will be welcoming eight different speakers and performers to the stage, each with their own unique perspective of grief, which they will tell in their own words. 

The event is for anyone with an interest in becoming more grief-literate and who would like to support the Shapes Of Grief Project. Through story, song, poetry and dance, we will explore the depth and breadth of the grief experience and find ways of coming together as a community to support those who grieve with kindness and compassion. 

We will also explore the importance of Grief-Literacy & Grief-Training among our mental health and healthcare professionals, offering solutions and a call to action for all people working with those who grieve, to answer the call to become Grief-Informed. 

Limited tickets to the in-person event available, sign-up atwww.shapesofgrief.comto be informed of the live-stream of the event. 

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