Outdoor Movies @ The Cove: Jungle Book


The last of the great Disney animated classics created whilst old man Walt was still alive, The Jungle Book is a delight from beginning to end. 

Being the 1960s, the animation was looser and the music groovier, but Rudyard Kipling’s story of a young boy raised in the jungle was both a natural fit for the drop-out decade and the Disney brand. 

And beyond that sweet animation, the voice casting of Phil Harris as the footloose and brains-free Baloo The Bear, the thoroughly-British George Sanders as the evil Shere Khan the Tiger and big band sensation Louis Prima as the swinging King Louie proved truly inspiring. 

A great film for all the family, with at least three all-time great Disney songs – Bare Necessities, Trust In Me and King Of The Swingers – packed into all the fun and chasing games, The Jungle Book outdoors on a Greystones beach is pretty much the perfect combination…

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