Greystones Film Club: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once (USA/18/139mins) 

Just as back in 1999, The Matrix was everything Star Wars fans wished The Phantom Menace might have been, the latest Michelle Yeoh outing is everything Neo fans wished The Matrix Resurrections had been.

The martial arts sci-fi actioner Everything Everywhere All At Once lives up to its absurd title, proving to be just about the most head-spinning, spine-snapping, ribtickling movie you’re going to see all year.

Or any other year, for that matter.

This is Charlie Kaufman meets Charlie Chan, Kung Fu Hustle via David Lynch, and it might just blow your mind. If you’re able to keep up.

In a role originally slotted for Jackie Chan, the great Michelle Yeoh must be Oscar-bound for her portrayal of sad sack laundromat owner Evelyn, too busy worrying about finally getting her tax returns to their dreaded IRS auditor (a comically frumpy Jamie Lee Curtis) to notice that her wimpy husband has been trying to serve her divorce papers all morning. Throw in an angry teenage daughter who’s trying to introduce her girlfriend to her grumpy, old-fashioned grandfather, and clearly, Evelyn could do with an escape plan.

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