Greystones Film Club: ELVIS: ’68 COMEBACK SPECIAL

With special guest: Alan Adamson

Weds 19th Sept 8pm [Doors 7pm] €10 [Includes free box of buttered popcorn] 

Back in 1967, Elvis wasn’t so much all shook up as all washed up. 

At least, that’s how it seemed to the journalist from Time magazine when he visited The King visited Graceland and witnessed a pampered King surrounded by his closeknit circle of fiends, The Memphis Mafia, and a seemingly endless stream of yes women. 

With the hits having dried up, and those big Hollywood movies not quite causing box-office queues anymore, it was a combination of commercial necessity and good old-fashioned ego that brought Elvis out of semi-retirement for what would become The Elvis ’68 Comeback Special. Initially planned as a Christmas special by his dollar-chasing manager, Col Tom Parker, Elvis found an ally in young director Steve Binder when it came to getting back to those rock’n’roll roots and exploring new musical sensations. 

This was Elvis, thirteen years after his breakthrough, and sounding, moving and looking as intoxicating as ever. It would give The King a spectacular second act, one that would, of course, lead to Vegas, and all the glitz, glamour and gloom that comes with it. In that order. 

Introducing this 50th anniversary screening of one of the greatest comebacks of all time will be Wicklow’s own walking, talking, gyrating Elvis, the great Alan Adamson. Who knows, The King may even sing a song or two on the night.


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