GFC: The Rocky Horror Picture Show


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (UK/12A/100mins)

It might just be the furry freak mother of all cult movies, and it’s one that still has the power to make old professors leap out of their wheelchairs and dance.

First hitting the big screen on August 14th 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a deliciously trashy and deliriously silly stage musical all about giving in to your sexual fantasies. And heading back to space rather than face any moral hangovers.

Tim Curry has rarely been better as the suspenders-toting alien transvestite who’s playing the mad scientist lord of the manor to an array of kooks when all-American couple Brad and Janet who knock on the door one rainy night after they get lost with a flat tire.

What follows is a series of bonkers song and dance routines that have the couple doubting their sanity, and their sanctity, whilst the tran of the house knows that the party might be coming to an end…

In truth, the plot doesn’t really matter – and doesn’t really make sense. What does matter is the fun that everyone is having up on that screen (including a very young Susan Sarandon as Janet). And, of course, the fun you’re going to have off-screen too.

Part of The Whale’s triple-whammy of Halloween classics – Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie screening at 1pm and The Nightmare Before Christmas at 4.30pm – The Rocky Horror Picture Show hits The Whale’s big-screen at 8pm (doors 7pm).

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