Cello Voce with special guest Liam O’Maonlai

Cello Voce is a collaborative project of Cello Ireland’s which brings together five of Ireland’s most innovative and original cellist/singer/songwriters: Vyvienne Long, Mary Barnecutt, (Mary and the Pigeons), Anna-Mieke Bishop, and Aleka Potinga. They will be joined by the cello quartet of Cello Ireland and Liam O Maonlai, a singer whose musical journey has brought him all over the world, exploring the indigenous music of Africa, India, America, Australia and Japan. Liam’s first love is the irish tradition of sean nos singing and it is this aspect of his musicianship we will see coming to the fore in this collaboration. The group have come together to present new music and new settings of original and traditional work.

Cello Voce is a celebration of the cello and the voice, incorporating a diversity of styles and genres as well as our own traditional sean nos heritage. The resulting concert performance in this wonderful new venue will see this new and exciting collaboration come to life onstage in Greystones!

Each of the cellist/singer-songwriters has a completely unique style of singing, playing and indeed composition, coming from very different musical backgrounds, including classical, jazz, folk, contemporary and rock. Each artist will bring elements of each of these genres to Cello Voce, in original material and new settings and arrangements of traditional work.

The artist’s palette for this concert consists of voices and cellos in the arrangements of their work. Songs from the sean nos tradition include Anach Cuan which will be sung by Liam, accompanied by the group of cellists, in a development of the arrangement, by Una of this song for solo cello and cello ensemble, as performed in NCH in November 2016.

This project brings these cellists together in a new setting, and explores the scope of the instruments, voices and creative processes.

This will be another unique and wonderful experience from Cello Ireland!


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