Celebration of Music: Piano class of Svetlana Rudenko

When we make music- we becoming better people, we learn history of humanity, we understand our emotions and appreciate feelings. Music enhances imagery, and mental visualisation is a part of our consciousness and how we perceive the world. When listening music “’Seeing things that are not there is the result of top-down processes in the brain. Conscious perception is largely based on these top-down processes: your brain continuously compares the information that comes in through your eyes with what it expects on the basis of what you know about the world. The final result of this comparison process is what we eventually experience as reality. Our research results suggest that the brain builds up expectations not just on the basis of experience but on your mood as well.”


Join us to the celebration of music by Beethoven, Debussy, Grieg, Faure, Shostakovich, Bernstein, Philip Martin and other composers in wonderful performances by Jack Huang, Jerry Su, Ada & Lily Mahon, Hannah Gleeson, Emma Byrne, Laoise McGuinness, Alex Moran, Malachy Short, Kexin Chen, Ilona O’Keefe, Liam Yurong, Tiffany & Oisin Huang, Eduard Cojocaru, Emer Nolan, Vadim Dunne, Emanuel Isaic, Timofei Hrapelman, Eva Moore, Jack Byrne and Wen Xiang Lin.

Special guests: Ann Macken (flute), Tim Doyle ( violin)

We were in JFR National Concert Hall in 2018 https://vimeo.com/268467250

Vimeo · Svetlana Rudenko #Essence of Piano, Téada Ensemble, JFR National Concert Hall

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