What’s The Story, Andrea?

For his latest live Social Fabric podcast, ANDREA SPLENDORI brings together three special guests to talk about The Art Of Storytelling.

The one thing that seems to be lacking from the wellness wave currently washing over de land is a sense of humour.

Then again, humour does come from a very different kind of self-awareness than the sort found in those wealth-depleting wellness weekends.

For Andrea Splendori, interviewing people from all walks of life and professions connected to our health – both mental and physical – is as much a way of finding out all the right answers to leading a happy life as exploring all the tricky questions that trip us up along our merry way.

His Social Fabric podcast has featured comedians, philosophers, musicians, physicians, filmmakers, long distance swimmers, long distance runners, Disney animators, eco warriors, economy worriers and just about every wide-eyed prospector in-between.

Over the last 178 episodes, Splendori has covered a huge amount of inner space with people who’ve been busy exploring better ways to live and breathe. For his latest chat around the fire inside, Andrea is at The Whale on Thursday, June 27th with author and Irish Times literary editor Martin Doyle, civil funeral celebrant Karen Kelly and TEDx speaker and author Joanne Hession as they explore The Art Of Storytelling.

“It’s all about finding new connections, new ways of thinking,” says Andrea. “We’ve gotten so used to editing out all the bits of the world that we don’t understand or agree with, and these discussions are about exploring beyond those boundaries we set ourselves, and getting to understand not only the world around us, but how we perceive it, how we shape it…”

You can grab your tickets for The Art Of Storytelling at The Whale on Thursday, June 27th right here: https://whaletheatre.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/873645830/events/128532858


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