While My Guitar Gently Bleeps

As he prepares to bring his trio to The Whale on Friday, May 24th, DAVID PRESTON jumps back to when the music bug first bit…

My aunt gave me a guitar for Christmas when I was 6 and I just kept at it – I was lucky to form some early musical relationships with great musicians at school. I was in the same class as my good friend Dan See, who’s gone on to play with Tom Jones and Lianne La Havas amongst many others.

I got the official ‘music bug’ when I was around 17 which I think is quite late for some. My friend showed me Miles Davis’s In a Silent Way and it felt like a some kind of musical mind explosion. It led to me (as I think it does with most musicians) getting quite obsessed with music and my instrument. I’d go into school at 7am and practice for 1-2hrs before classes then practice during and after school too. I was really just trying to play and learn as much as i could.

I love playing and writing my own music, but I think so much of me being a musician has to do with being asked to work with others which in turn, has helped sustain a career and inform my own music making. Working with others makes the whole thing multi dimensional and I’m sure makes my own music better too.

That’s all I really want to do as a musician – continue to work with other inspiring musicians as much as possible!

You can catch The David Preston Trio at The Whale on Friday, May 24th, tickets here: https://whaletheatre.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/873641338


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