From Clare To Kraftwerk

Aoibheann Boyle on her journey from Irish trad to The Grand Stretch’s electronica, coming to The Whale on Saturday, May 18th.

My musical journey started a short time ago, when I moved to Clare in 2021.

The trad music community was inspiring and heading to the regular trad session left me in awe of their talent and respect for each other. I was soon to realise how supportive and inclusive the community was when I was asked to sing a song one day in January 2022.

Whether you’re of top talent or the other range, they just want you to tell your story and express yourself whatever way it may be.

So, before that day I would only sing in the shower or in my car, but after that day I regularly got asked to sing at sessions. It ignited a buzz within me. I then organised a fundraiser and reluctantly put myself on the bill.

That was my first soundcheck and performance. Two songs, ten minutes.

The soundcheck only saw four of us in the room but with the surge of excitement from the monitors feeding back and the energy of playing with other instruments, I immediately fell in love.

Singing brought me out of hard times and I started to put those thoughts to paper. A few months later I started doing a few pub gigs over the summer and within those months, Dan Astro and I came together for my first recording and collaborative experience, and with my own material.

My first full original gig came then in September 2023, supporting a musical icon which is Síomha, where I could share for the first time some of my own songs, and co-written songs with the maestro which is Stew MacPhail.

It’s been a quick and wild journey so far, but still in its infancy and looking forward to seeing what lies next down this curious aul’ road.

I’ll be playing in The Whale Theatre on the 18th May as part of The Grand Stretch Tour with Dora Gola and Dan Astro. I’ll be opening with my own original set and closing as part of Dan Astro’s set with the songs we have collaborated on and co-written together.

Would love to see you all there as this will be my first gig in the east of the country.

Playing The Whale on Saturday, May 18th at 8pm, you can grab your tickets for Dan Astro, Dora Gola and Aoibheann Boyle’s The Grand Stretch here:


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