Confessions Of The Other Woman

Rose Henderson on what attracted her to Helen Casey’s Vixen, the one-woman show coming to The Whale on Thursday, June 6th.

What attracted me to Helen Casey’s Vixen was the fact that we are hearing unusually from the ‘other’ woman, the woman who has had the affair, who would have happily broken a marriage, gravely unhinged a child, for love.

Angie was ‘with someone’, but he was married, but she loved him…

It’s an age-old story, beautifully told by Helen Casey, and Caroline FitzGerald, the director, insisted that Angie might be a somewhat older woman but she must have attracted Martin with her fun, her sexiness, her intellect, her allure, her lack of demands.

So, while Angie is left to mourn this man who abruptly died without notice, left to grieve him without being able to tell the secret, she entertains herself and us with her memories, her re-written memories and her imagining of what might happen if she ever were to meet the wife.

It’s an intriguing piece and has sparked some fascinating discussions afterwards.  I am having the best fun playing her.

There’s nothing like representing someone whose voice is seldom heard.

It’s funny, it’s a little heartbreaking, and I now know the words!!

Playing at The Whale on Thursday, June 6th at 8pm, you can grab your tickets for Rose Henderson in Vixen here:



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