The Ace Of Mr Spade

Ahead of his Whale show on Saturday April 6th, we talk to the award-winning magician STEVE SPADE…

When you have a paper like The Irish Times dubbing you Ireland’s answer to Houdini, you know you probably made the right career choice back as a wide-eyed teenager.

In fact, the award-winning magician Steve Spade had pretty much made up his mind about his career path when he was just five years old.

“I just had this feeling that magic was pretty much the most amazing thing you could do in this world,” the Limerick lad says when we met up at Café Grey on a very sunny Saturday afternoon. “And I know a lot of kids can fall in love with magic, but I never lost that sense of wonder.

“And that real desire to work out ever-more complex magic tricks, just always reaching for something that hadn’t been done before.”’s an approach that has worked out pretty well for Spade, who decided to turn professional when he was just 17. If you know what we mean.

“My uncle, Dr Michael O’Brien, had made a name for himself in magic, so, I knew it could be done,” he says. “It was when I got a recurring slot on RTÉ and then found myself performing for Rhianna, I thought, this is definitely the life for me.

“It was then that I decided, from now on, this is what I’ll be breathing, sleeping and eat every single day.”

Other famous faces Spade has left gobsmacked include rugby’s Paul O’Connell, pop maestro Louis Walsh, the mighty Bill Murray, that Copperfield lad and, yowsa, Mike Tyson. Who reckoned our boy Steve was “mind-blowing”.

It’s the kind of career trajectory that was bound for Las Vegas glory, Spade winning the fittingly illusionary 2023 Merlin Award for Magic & Outstanding Esapology.

Did we mention that, beyond the mastery of close-up magic, Steve is also one of the world’s most famous escapologists, reflecting his life-long obsession with Houdini.

“It’s a different skillset, of course, but it’s all part of why I fell in love with magic. These feats of daring, going beyond all logical boundaries and somehow managing to achieve the impossible, it’s what magic is really all about.”

You can focus on Mr Spade’s hocus Saturday, April 6th – tickets here:



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