Randolph! Bringing It All Back Home

Anne Randolph teams up with Mick Hanly for her latest musical adventure.

They say that great music comes from within, and for Bray’s Anne Randolph, that inner light of happiness certainly shines through.

Than again, how could it not? The kids, Darren and Neil, are doing rather well in their chosen fields, the latter following the hoop dreams of noted basketball coach dad, Ed, all the way into the Templeogue Basketball Club’s Super League team (think Avengers, only with bigger balls), and the former currently keeping the goals at bay for AFC Bournemouth and the Republic of Ireland national team.

And to think it all started in the little County Clare market town of Ennistymon, when Mayo bank girl Anne twisted her ankle playing badminton and Florida basketball coach Ed came to her rescue.

A transfer to Dublin for both led to Anne and Ed setting up home together in Bray – Greystones, of course, proving just a little bit too expensive.

Today, with all the Randolph men still getting a major kick out of the sporting life, the woman of the house has gone back to her first love, music. Having first been nurtured during her school years in Kiltimagh by the rockin’ Sisters of St Louis, when Anne met Ed, she was continuing that passion as part of Ennistymon Choral Society.

Such fine-set-of-pipes dreams were put on hold as the Randolph kids arrived, and it’s only in recent years, as they’re making their mark on the world, that Anne has stepped up to the mic once again.

Having learnt from her sons, the lady always puts the very best team around her when stepping into a recording studio or out onto a stage.

“Music is all about collaboration, really,” says Reynolds. “From creating something by meshing ideas from the past with your particular idea of the future, to the musicians that bounce off you and one another, the spark that’s created is the very essence of great music…”

For her latest Greystones visit on Friday, April 19th, Ms Reynolds will be teaming up with the mildly legendary Mick Hanly – the man who took his 1950s love of rock’n’roll into Irish folk with the likes of Munroe in the 1970s and Moving Hearts in the 1980s before a prolific solo career beckoned. Also present on the night will be keys queen Vera Craughwell.

You can find out what this latest Anne Randolph collaboration will spark on Friday, March 15th at The Whale – tickets here: https://whaletheatre.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/873642315



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