Cramptons Come Alive. Again.


Having sold out on their last visit, Elliot and Dylan Crampton are bringing Mute The TV back to The Whale on Saturday, April 24th.

We’ve been following the long and winding roads of Dylan and Elliot Crampton for some years now.

And the fact that these two children of the 1960s – even if they were born over two decades later – have stayed true to their musical roots is pretty dang remarkable in the age of TikTok knick-knacks.

“Well, those musical roots are really our parents‘,” laughs Elliot. “We grew up in a house where vinyl was king, and the soundtrack to each and every day was a slice of the 1960s and ’70s.”

“We grew up in a time capsule, basically,” adds his brother, Dylan. “And it was amazing. The Beatles, the Stones, Rory Gallagher, Dylan. This music always felt very much timeless to us. And that’s what we’re trying to create with our own music too…”

Our songs aren’t just for Christmas,” deadpans Elliot. “Or the 4am tent at Electric Picnic.”

When it comes to the Cramptons’ music – all largely recorded in their own, homegrown Big Red Studios in Redford Park – there’s certainly plenty to choose from. The latest being Dylan’s banjo-driven Butterfly, released in September 2023, exactly a week before Elliot unleashed In My Head (Again), the latter having also released the radio hit Bold And Free in May.

And now, as they get ready to release a new single under the guise of their busman’s holiday of a band, Mute The TV, the duo have recruited David Heffernan on drums and Oscar Hackett on bass for their latest headliner at The Whale on Saturday, April 24th 2024.

Their last Whale gig in October 2023, somewhat unsurprisingly, selling out.

“We just heard about that on the week of the gig,” says Elliot, “and we leapt around the studio here. Whatever about playing a gig in Dublin or around the rest of the country, there’s something very special about playing in your hometown.

“So, to sell out the night in advance, that’s the sweetest feeling…”

You can find out just why by grabbing a ticket for Mute The TV’s latest Whale gig here:



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