Making Contact With The Living

Ahead of his latest Social Fabric live interview on February 29th, we do a little soul mining with Andrea Splendori.

The one thing that seems to be lacking from the wellness wave currently washing over de land is a sense of humour.

Then again, humour does come from a very different kind of self-awareness than the sort found in those wealth-depleting wellness weekends.

For Andrea Splendori, interviewing people from all walks of life and professions connected to our health – both mental and physical – is as much a way of finding out all the right answers to leading a happy life as exploring all the tricky questions that trip us up along our merry way.

His Social Fabric podcast has featured comedians, philosophers, musicians, physicians, filmmakers, long distance swimmers, long distance runners, Disney animators, eco warriors, economy worriers and just about every wide-eyed prospector in-between.

Over the last 169 episodes, Splendori has covered a huge amount of inner space with people who’ve been busy exploring better ways to live and breathe. For his latest chat around the fire inside, Andrea is at The Whale on Thursday, February 29th with neuroscientist Dr Brian Pennie to discuss The Power Of Human Connection.

Also coming up is a live show at Dublin’s The Laughter Lounge on Thursday, April 25th with our beloved Flynnstones, as the twins discuss 20 years of The Happy Pear, and not only how they got from there to here but where they’re headed next as they enter a new phase, both domestically and commercially. And just how, after all these years, they still handwalk the handwalk.

“I’m fascinated by people’s stories,” explains Andrea. “Everyone, absolutely everyone, has a story, and by sharing them with each other, we get a better understanding of our own life, our own particular path.

“That’s what I’m always aiming for. That shared experience. And how it makes us all that little bit wiser, and, ultimately, happier…”

You can grab your ticket for The Power Of Human Connection at The Whale on Thursday, February 29th here:


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