Everyone Needs Some Buddy Love At Christmas

Hard to believe that The Greatest Christmas Movie Ever is 20 years old…

It is, of course, the greatest, sweetest and funniest Christmas film ever made.

No matter what the Grinch on your shoulder says.

This 2003 comic masterpiece manages a perfect mix of sentimentality and hilarity whilst also confirming, once and for all, that Santa really does exist.

Hey, it’s not like an innocent elf-about-town like Buddy would ever lie to us, right…?

Having become something of a tradition in the town, the Greystones Film Club is very happy to present this year’s annual screening of Elf (USA/PG/97mins) in the fittingly sparkling surrounds – and teeth-rattling surround-sound – of The Whale yet again.

With a great big cinema screen that can truly transport, this is like going back to The Ormonde, only without the sticky floor. And the mysteriously damp seats.

The Whale has magic in its walls, in its state-of-the-art sound and lighting, George Bailey behind the bar, and in its groovy, glitzy, Hollywood glam decor and design. Just like the good Buddy ordered.

Taking place on Friday, December 22nd at 1pm, 4.30pm and 8pm, you can grab your tickets for the first screening still. The other two are, of course, sold out.

Just be warned – you’ll be so full of the joyous Christmas spirit when you walk out the door that, hey, you’ll be jumping up and down like Buddy for three days. So, plenty of water. And maple syrup.

So, join in the festive fun of this fine Greystones tradition, as a roomful of Santa’s little helpers and yelpers capture the true spirit of Christmas.

You can grab your 20th Anniversary Elf tickets right here: https://whaletheatre.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/873639669


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