Dave By Name, Dave By Nature


Taking the Bowie approach, David O’Doherty lets his work do all the talking.

David O’Doherty is a comedian who dances to the beat of a different Casio home organ, and no mistake.

Existing in a world that’s part Dave Allen and part Spike Milligan, the Dublin comedian will be celebrating his 48th birthday three days after his Whale performance on December 15th, and yet, O’Doherty is very much a child at heart.

Which may explain how he makes his surrealist take on everyday nothings so dang warm and fuzzy.

Having made his Greystones debut back in February 2018, O’Doherty’s two-hour set covered everything from interior designers obsessed with sticking hay bales in every nook and cranny and how Mr Tayto’s trademark look is pretty much that of a dirty old man. And in those two hours, as the man revelled in all the nonsense, the world made sense.

Which may explain why his shows at The Whale on December 15th and again on January 19th and 20th, all sold out in hours.

You can join the waiting list here. Or get yourself a warm coat and listen outside.




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