Stella By Starlight

We find out about how Stella Bass put Dames, Dolls & Divas together for her December 9th show at The Whale.

The Initial Idea
Most people will know me for singing jazz standards, but my personal tastes cover everything from Broadway show tunes to rock, and beyond. I’m a big fan of current artists such as Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, who really drive their own careers.

So, when Brian in The Whale Theatre approached me about putting together a show celebrating some of the great female performers of the last century, and it really got me thinking. It wasn’t just about picking any artists, I figured they’d need to resonate with me – and also that I could do their songs justice vocally.

I have an awesome band with me on the night – our new album together comes out next February – so I knew that with the right
selection of songs, I also had the musicians to make it happen.

Criteria For Choosing the Artists
It was a tough call! As I had decided to not limit it to jazz singers, there were just so many I thought about. We could have done probably a 10-hour show with all the songs that ended up on my not-so-shortlist. In the end, I decided upon artists I love to listen to, artists who I have been inspired by – either through their work or the barriers they’ve broken down. Artists who told great stories in their songs.

Music is finally starting to take women in the industry seriously beyond just being the token singer – long overdue! – and it’s people like Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Amy Winehouse and Barbra Streisand (I’m currently reading her brilliant new autobiography) who pushed boundaries and challenged industry norms, often to their own cost.

We stand on the shoulders of such pioneering female artists.

Even though the title of the show is very light-hearted (and it will be a really entertaining evening of great songs plus interesting stories and anecdotes), it’s an honour to perform the music of some of the most iconic singers of the last century. For this show only, I’ll also include a couple of Christmas songs too. ‘Tis the season…

How the Final Show Took Shape
This Whale Theatre performance is the very first concert we’ll be doing so the good people of Greystones will be getting an exclusive first-look at the show. We can’t wait to perform it!

You can check out Dames, Dolls & Divas with Stella Bass on December 9th at The Whale right here.



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