When Moore Is More

For Luka Bloom, music was the way his mother got over the early passing of his father – and it sparked a musical dynasty..

It was back in October 1965 that our father died, too young, leaving our mother, Nancy, to rear the 6 of us alone. It was an enormous challenge for her, and often, for us.

But we sang.

We had some fun, and also sang our version of the blues.

Perhaps of an evening, our mother might sing Can’t Help Fallin’ For That Man Of Mine, Christy might sing Spancil Hill, Eilis might sing My Lagan Love, Anne might sing Blackwater Side, Terry, The Butcher Boy, Andy, Banna Strand, and I might try Bold Robert Emmett.

Sometimes it was good fun. It was always healing. It still is.

We are still here and still singing.

I’ve never had a ‘career’. This singing is life to me. It’s all I know, apart from riding a bike, and jumping into the sea.

And it’s enough.

Looking forward to Greystones.

Luka Bloom plays the Whale Theatre on Saturday, September 30th – tickets here: https://whaletheatre.ticketsolve.com/ticketbooth/shows/873638185/events/128473749


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