Jack O’Rourke’s 8 Steps To Heaven

It’s a long and winding road that can lead an artist to the spotlight, to that Narnia through their childhood bedroom mirror.

For Jack O’Rourke – coming to The Whale on Saturday, July 15th – there were eight crucial steps.

Or, as the man himself puts it, “The perilous career choice of songwriter and folk/blues/chamber music quasi-rock star was shaped by the following…”

1. A piano – that 88-teethed beast called me like a siren when I was 3.

2. Being an introvert – I had to get out of my own head and music still helps me do that. 

3. Very, very encouraging and loving parents. 

4. Cohen, Waits, Neil Young, Dylan, Newman, Prine and Joni – I’ve always loved words

5. A need to have braids like Willie Nelson – hasn’t happened yet.

6. The contradictory sense of being shy but needing to lay out my thoughts and feelings to an audience.

7. When I was 16, getting the lead role in my Transition Year School musical, ‘80s rock operetta Chess, written by ABBA’s Bjorn and Benny along with Tim Rice.

I liked the sudden attention from girls and football jocks alike – the potential of teenage kicks right through the night. 

8. Realising songs can change mindsets and help people. Many have helped me. Hopefully mine have helped others.

Jack O’Rourke plays The Whale on Saturday, July 15th.



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