When Bressie Met Reggie

Ahead of his live podcast interview with his former Leinster captain Reggie Corrigan, we take a look at the multi-talented Bressie’s lust for mental health education.

When it comes to matters of the mind, the heart and anything else that ails you, it’s always good to have a sense of humour close to hand.

In this life, you never know when you might get a flat tyre, but that one, short shot of misery will always be funny in the retelling.

As Master Haywood Allen says, comedy is tragedy plus time, humour often capable of bringing some much-needed light into the darkness. Even if it is just with a silly joke.

Such as, how many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Well, the question is completely relative – it depends if the light bulb really wants to change.

For rocker-turned-radical Niall Breslin, a big part of his mental health activism is not only highlighting the lack of joined-up thinking in office but also interviewing individuals whose personal stories of sometimes debilitating mind games ultimately prove that such battles with self-doubt and anxiety is a universal one.

Everybody hurts, after all – even if you’re rich and famous, like Deepak Chopra, and Adam Clayton, to name but two of the heavy-weathered heavyweights who have appeared on Breslin’s weekly Where Is My Mind? podcast.

And today, with those lockdowns kinda lingering, we’re all recovering melancholics of one shade or another.

Which should prove fertile ground for Bressie’s talk with his old Leinster captain, rugby giant Reggie Corrigan, at The Whale on Saturday, May 27th.



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