The Power Of SAL

Ahead of Saturday’s gig, SAL (aka Sara Ryan) reveals her musical roots.

I come from a town called Newbridge, Co. Kildare and as a young kid in the town there was music everywhere to be involved with.

There were choirs, trad music groups, musical theatre shows, singing, dancing, drama and I was involved with all of it, I just absolutely adored all of it.

It was in music that I found my place of belonging from quite a young age. My parents have always been music lovers, growing up I have a stand out memory of listening to Robbie Robertson’s Music for the Native Americans, in the car with my Da, I remember the harmonies, melodies and rhythms were just so beautiful and meditative, we would listen to it on repeat.

I also remember driving around Newbridge listening to Take the Money and Run by Juliet Turner with my Ma, windows down and singing our hearts out.

I was also brought to gigs from quite a young age by my Ma and Da, a good few Christy Moore gigs, Coldplay, Luan Parle and much more; my parents have always loved music and the environment of gigging and musicians, so fairly soon I was hooked too.

My brother was big into deep house and techno, so I’ve always had a massive love for how hypnotic electronic music is too.

Music was always something brought into my life as something healing and a place of safety, and it still is that for me, on top of it being tremendous craic too!


SAL and David Hope play The Whale on Saturday, May 6th at 8pm – tickets here:



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