Reconstruction Of The Fabian

A lifetime of playing saxophone has brought Fabian Willman to some weird places. Such as The Whale.

At age ten I inherited the saxophones of my grandfather and quickly started playing in local wind orchestras and the school big band, the latter of which really sparked my interest in music and jazz in particular.

Twenty years later, I’m making a living as a saxophonist and composer and currently live in Berlin after studying in Basel and New York. Result.

Throughout my career, I’ve been interested in different ways to reduce the musical material to an absolute minimum and try to write simple songs that have to potential to touch people’s hearts.

I was fortunate enough to learn from a lot of jazz masters and continue my journey to try and find a personal voice than can add something to the beautiful choir that makes up the musical world.

During the tour with Jeff Ballard and Arne Huber we will perform a series of new pieces i composed during two weeks in March this week where I tried to write a song a day.

The Fabian Willmann Trio feat Jeff Ballard play The Whale on Friday, May 26th at 8pm.


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