Ground Control To Making Waves

As the late, great, cigar-chomping George Burns once said, acting is all about honesty. 

Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made. 

For the young thespians treading the boards with Greystones’ very own Making Waves Youth Theatre, there’s also the chance to do a deep dive into their darkest recesses of their souls. 

Whilst also having a humungous amount of fun along the way, of course.

It’s a joy that’s clearly evident in 16-year-old Ava Li Blount and 12-year-old Fionn Crean Mac Oireachtaigh when we met up this afternoon at the Making Waves’ regular Sunday gathering down at Coolnagreina. 

With the theatre group set to unleash a double-bill at The Whale this coming weekend, Ava is taking part in their take on the Don Zolidis comedy The Audition whilst Fionn is playing the US President in the Making Waves-created Space Race. 

Running on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th at 8pm, and Sunday 26th at 4pm, you can find out more – and grab your tickets – right about here.

In the meantime, we decided to find out if Ava and Fionn are ready for their close-ups. 

Both know that the actor’s life can be a fickle and fraught profession, but they also clearly agree with Oscar Wilde’s belief that acting can be so much better than real life… 

More on Space Race and The Audition here, and on Making Waves Youth Theatre here.


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