Cinema Parasito

The Greystones Film Club unleash their February and March festival faves…

Until the Spurlings are happy to throw a million euro down the well and reopen The Ormonde, it’s good to know that Greystonians can still get their big-screen kicks.

With recent hits such as Oscar faves Everything Everywhere All At Once and The Quiet Girl having wowed Whale audiences, the Greystones Film Club is back with two more festival faves.

Coming to town on Thursday, February 9th, Official Competition (Spain-Argentina 15A 115mins) is the kind of movie that anyone with pretentions to putting some serious art up there on the big screen might just find a tough watch.

Penelope Cruz plays an acclaimed director hired by a millionaire with too many cents and not enough sense to make a movie that will guarantee his legacy. Given that money is no object, there are no producers with their finger on the purse for the shoot, no one making sure that budgets and egos don’t run too wild.
Otherwise, the film’s leading men – Antonio Banderas’ box-office hunk and Oscar Martínez’s earnest thespian – might have been kept apart. About a mile apart, just to be safe.

Who knows if there were any particular actors or directors that the makers of Official Competition had in mind here, but writer-directors Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat have a lot of fun with their three principals, cruising the fine line between tragedy and comedy that makes up most film shoots.

Following up her acclaimed debut Summer 1993, with Alcarrás (Spain-Italy 12A 120mins), Carla Simón charts one family’s battle to save their small Catalonia farm just as this year’s crop of peaches ripens on sun-drenched land now set for solar panels. The son of the recently-deceased property owner chooses the future over an 80-year tradition for the Solés family, despite his late father’s firm handshake.

The first Catalan-language film to win the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, Alcarrás is one of those films that succeeds beautifully in telling its fable without, it seems, ever breaking a sweat. This is about place rather than plot, about the hum of everyday life rather than the death rattle of the old being pushed aside for the new. You will be moved. If you dare use your phone. Hitting The Whale on Thursday, February 9th.



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