Previewing his new show at The Whale on Sunday, July 3rd, GEARÓID FARRELLY digs deep for his comedy roots.

I never wanted to be a comedian it just happened.

After college I got involved in amateur musicals and I had a ball. The problem was I was a pretty bad singer and an appalling dancer.
But because I a man in amateur musicals (they are rare) it didn’t hold me back as much as it absolutely should have. I loved acting and writing, and I did a masters in theatre, during which I did production of Alan Bennett’s A Chip In The Sugar, which is solo play. I loved it.

Then, by accident, I discovered the open mic scene where you could go a try out sketches and character, and I gradually dropped that and started doing standup.

As part of gigging around I entered some competitions and won, then went to Edinburgh with a group of comedians and that was it.

My whole career is a complete accident. But a happy accident…


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