Music Sounds Better With You

Marion & Andy on the liberating power of Music Together

It was on a trip to Wales some moons ago when Marion met Andy, and the two quickly hatched a plan to make sweet, sweet Music Together.

Attending a festival designed to give those with mental and physical disabilities the chance to take centre stage, the freshly-minted couple just knew they could do the same back home in Ireland.

That it would take a certain degree of kicking and screaming, and begging and budget scheming, was perhaps inevitable, but since forming in 2006, Music Together has provided an outlet for many a performer who may not have otherwise had their moment in the spotlight.

And now the gang are all set to return to The Whale, for their free afternoon concert there. Happening on Sunday, June 26th, at 2pm, the afternoon concert will feature both a concert by the Music Together members but will also some very special guests, such as Alison O’Donnell and the notorious Dom McDonald.

As this happy, loving and forever rockin’ couple both recently retired from their day jobs, it’s plain that they still cherish their important work with Music Together.

It may be a labour of love that may involve a huge amount of unpaid labour, but the immense love created on stage makes every second and note worthwhile. As you can find out, for free, at The Whale on Sunday, June 26th at 2pm.


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