Pulling on the Heartstrings

As Ronan Woods’ musical Heartstring comes to The Whale, the man with the music, D. Cullen, reveals his early years…

With a decade as one of Dublin’s finer singer/songwriters under his belt, D. Cullen has now ventured into musicals with Ronan Woods’ Heartstring.

Which might just be another day at the office for the man behind Alright, The Rising Tide ep and the recent She Is Song, given that this new play centres on a up-and-coming Irish band falling apart at the seams after tragedy strikes.

“I’ve been obsessed with music since as long as I can remember,” says the Cullen lad. “I practically came out of the womb singing!

“I grew up in a very music-loving household, with my parents raising me on a steady diet of ’90s-era MTV and mum and dad’s fiercely impressive CD collection.

Which may explain why some of Darragh’s all-time favourite songs include old favourites such as The Beatles’ Something and Kate Bush’s Why Should I Love You? alongside more recent wonders such as Glen Handsard & Marketa Irglova’s When Your Mind’s Made Up and Wyvern Lingo’s Aurora.

“I started playing guitar at 8, and started performing with it at 10,” he finishes. “And the damn thing has never left my hand since…”


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