We check out funnyman Danny O’Brien’s roots ahead of his April 8th show

It’s nearly always the way with comedy that the brightest lights come out of the dullest places.

On the surface, Glasgow might seem bereft of colour, of culture, of reasons to be cheerful, and yet, it gave the world Billy Connolly.

Deepest, darkest Meath gave us Dylan Moran, and Tommy Tiernan. Nondescript Wilmette, Illinois gave us Bill Murray, none-too-inspiring Walworth, London gave us Charlie Chaplin, and piss-poor Peoria, Illinois thrust Richard Pryor upon an unsuspecting world.

None of these humble birthplaces are known for being hotbeds of creativity, a fact that, in truth, only pushed their bored and mischievous sons to ever larger flights of fancy, and silly. may go some way to explaining how the boring Bord Fáilte wet dream that is Glendalough could produce someone as razor-sharp funny as Danny O’Brien.

The man is undoubtedly one of Ireland’s finest stand-ups today, as proven by O’Brien’s rise over the past few years, with his annual tours playing to bigger and bigger packed house. That Sold Out banner hits just about every show, including his recent European tour, as well as the Galway International Arts Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. The latter was a 27-date run, with a full house every night.

And when you’re playing support to one of your idols, Bill Burr, at the 3Arena, and the man says you “f**king murdered it“, well, it’s clear that this wheel’s on fire.

More importantly, the man has stormed Greystones again and again, having first come to The Whale’s noticed by being very much the finest 20 minutes of our Evening Of Extraordinary Ideas way back when.

And now, mercifully, with those lockdown’s being finally lifted, the tours are back, and so are the laughs…

“I’m just so, so ready to go out there and give people a night of pure joy,” says O’Brien. “Laughter is so important, especially when the world goes slightly mad. Again.

“Can’t wait to play The Whale in April. Greystones really likes its comedy. Sure, look at its local councillors…”



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