The Greystones Film Club returns to active service with a bittersweet Scottish charmer

Making a welcome return to new releases, the Greystones Film Club presents one of the best reviewed films of 2021.
And it doesn’t take long to see why critics and audiences have fallen for Limbo.

Hitting you hard in the sweets, this bittersweet comedy makes the bitter cruelty that many Syrian refugees face when trying to start a new life in a new land all the more palpable.

Especially when that land doesn’t really want them there.

Set on a remote Scottish island – where there is “an unlimited supply of nothingness” – Limbo (UK/PG12/103mins) concentrates largely on Omar, a young Syrian musician, sitting in limbo as he and his three fellow housemates await to hear of their asylum fate. In the meantime, when not attending cultural awareness classes or arguing over Ross and Rachel’s future, Omar carries around his grandfather’s oud in its case, like a coffin holding his past, happy life back home, where his brother has decided to stay and fight.

Hitting a sweet spot somewhere between Bill Forsyth (Gregory’s Girl, Local Hero) and Ken Loach, Limbo is the sort of feature film Ricky Gervais might make when he grows up.

Hilarious, warm and heartbreaking, it’ll make you appreciate the joy of being truly home.
Screening on Thursday, March 10th at 8pm, this is a film not to be missed.



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