The Dust Brother

Philip Pullman on the National Theatre’s production of The Book Of Dust.

By his own admittance, author Philip Pullman feels his work is better suited to the stage rather than the big screen.

The fact that the National Theatre production of his 2017 offering The Book Of Dust: La Belle Sauvage – the first of a prequel trilogy expanding His Dark Materials – has been adored by critics and audiences alike pretty much proves the man’s point.

“Every different adaptation to every different medium has its own possibilities,” Pullman told The Guardian in December. “His Dark Materials has been a stage play, a radio play, a movie, a TV adaptation, an audiobook and a graphic novel in France. Somebody the other day asked if they could make it into a ballet. I said yes, of course. I’d be most intrigued.”

In the case of Nick Hytner’s National Theatre production of The Book Of Dust, Pullman simply says, “I knew Nick would tell the story with a brisk directness and clarity…”

And the man was right. Opening in December 2021, the reviews have dubbed Hytner’s latest Pullman adaptation ‘a theatrical marvel’ (The Guardian), ‘a triumph of theatrical storytelling’ (Variety) and ‘a galloping adventure full of wonder’ (Evening Standard).

You can find out for yourself what all the fantasy fuss is about on Thursday, February 17th at 7pm.


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