It’s A Kind Of Magic

Ahead of his two sold-out shows at the Whale Theatre on Sunday February 6th, magician Joe Daly reveals when the trade of his tricks first took hold…

I got into magic at the age of 6.

A family holiday in Blackpool and seeing magician Paul Daniels on stage. Straight after the show I got his magic set and I was hooked!

I was terribly shy as a kid but performing magic really forced me to get over that. I wanted to perform so bad that shyness was not going to hold me back.

Soon I was performing small shows on my street, for visitors to the house, then school talent shows and later paid gigs. The real draw was getting paid to do something I absolutely loved! It was a no brainer!

I studied marketing in college, purely so I could learn how to market myself. Paid my way through college performing shows at weekends.

I have never had a ‘real’ job in my life. I’ve only ever made money performing magic. Which in itself is, of course, magic.


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