Video Thrilled The Movie Star

Jack Byrne on taking video games into the groove

From the early days of Warner Brothers cartoons to the seemingly endless stream of record-breaking video games, the soundtrack to our funtimes has long been a fascination with musicians.

New York avant garde artist John Zorn took on Bugs & co with his Carl Stalling tributes whilst the first Symphonic Game Music Concert took place in Japan in 2003.

And now, Kilmacanogue’s Jack Byrne has joined the fray with Game Music In Action taking over The Whale on Sunday, November 21st.

“One of the main ways that the idea for the concert came together was that I’ve always loved both gaming and music,” explains Jack, “specifically, the piano. I’m trained in classical music, but have always had a particular love for music used in video games, even as a child. I think there’s so much innovation in game music, and have always been fascinated by how a score can convey a “mood” or theme within a particular setting or scene in a virtual reality.

“So, the concert will be a combination of video clips taken directly from some of the video games I’ve played over the years, while I play along to these excerpts. I’m hoping that this might illustrate the importance that music has when used in games…”

Frank Zappa would be proud. And a little turned on.

You can catch Jack Byrne’s Game Music In Action on Sunday, November 21st at 6pm. Game on!



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