Born To Folk

Natural born fiddler Clare Sands continues the family tradition.

As the lady herself says, Clare Sands was pretty much born to folk.

That’s what you get when you have five generations of fiddle players pumping through your veins, and your dad introducing you to the family passion when you’re just two years old.

Not that Clare Sands is complaining, music clearly being her no.1 passion too. To the point that she has become, according to Hot Press magazine, ‘A unique force in Irish music’.

The mighty BBC went one better, describing the fiddler, singer and multi-instrumentalist as ‘An empowering, exceptional talent, channeling the music of her ancestors, reimagining the sound of a new Ireland‘.

Along the way, Ms Sands has played with everyone from the Hothouse Flowers to Luka Bloom, from Mick Flannery to Albert Hammond and beyond. And now, finally, she’s about to make her Whale debut on Friday, November 19th.

So, where did all this music come from?

“This was, of course, an unavoidable profession,” says Clare, “but I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. Well, maybe martial arts. I do have a black belt, after all.

“Still, music is in my bones. It’s my way of life, in everything I do, and I want to share it with as many like-minded souls as I can.”


“If music be the food of love,” finishes Clare, “play on. Until you burp.”


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