Big Night Out

Given that a good meal out often makes you feel like not going home just yet, The Whale have come up with a groovy solution.

Namely, their Big Night Out, which couples a dinner in one of Greystones’ fine restaurant with a classic movie on the big screen for afters.

Complete with free popcorn, a full bar and waiter service.

With the likes of The Godfather, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Dead planned for 2022, the Big Night Out series gets underway on Saturday, November 20th, with Camile being your first port of call for a yummy – and healthy – dinner (including a complimentary drink of your choice) at 6pm followed at 8pm by the Thailand-set 1974 Bond outing The Man With The Golden Gun.

On Saturday, December 4th, Sonny’s are joining the party with a fine burger menu on the night (plus that complimentary drink) at 6pm whilst the big screen will be giving itself over at 8pm to The Big Lebowski. Which is one sweet way to celebrate leading man Jeff Bridges’ 72nd birthday on the day.

Coming on Saturday, January 22nd, The Hungry Monk will be teaming up with The Whale for a 50th anniversary screening of The Godfather – details to follow.

With plans for The Whale’s Big Night Out to become a monthly fixture on the Greystones calendar, you can find out more  – and book your ticket – over on


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