Annie, Get Your Greasepaint

Luke Cassidy’s acclaimed novel Iron Annie comes to the stage with a vengeance. And a punk band.

“Think Reservoir Dogs meets Thelma And Louise and The Rocky Horror Picture Show…”

Author Luke Cassidy’s description of the all-singing, all-dancing, all-mindbending stage adaptation of his acclaimed novel Iron Annie certainly promises what he himself describes as “a real treat”. And from what the critics have been saying, the man might just be right.

On board as producer too, Cassidy is bringing the page to the stage with the Iron Annie Cabaret. A Juncture Arts
production, the Iron Annie Cabaret stars actor Eleanor McLoughlin as the inimitable Aoife, and is directed by Peter
Moreton, artistic director of Applecart Arts Centre, London. Musical performances feature original material inspired
by the book, written and performed by folk duo the Dandelion Few, and newly-formed border punk band False Slag.

Which all definitely sounds like Reservoir Dogs meets Thelma And Louise and The Rocky Horror Picture show.

Such a heady combination was always there though. Published by Bloomsbury Books in Ireland and the UK, and Vintage Books in the US & Canada, Sarah Moss in The Irish Times described Cassidy’s Iron Annie as ‘a queer underworld Thelma and Louise with better jokes and just as much chance of a happy ending’. The Irish Examiner called the book ‘absolutely brilliant’, saying it ‘fizzes with energy, and with raunchiness, colour, beauty and insight’. The book has also just been optioned as a series for World Productions, with Luke
Cassidy on board to adapt the screenplay. World Productions have been behind some of the most popular shows on the small screen, including Line of Duty, and The Bodyguard. Iron Annie has also been selected as the Eason Book Club’s Book Of The Month on Pat Kenny’s Newstalk show.

So, you might want to fasten your seatbelts for this one. And bring a helmet.




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