Splash out this Christmas

Yep, it’s that time of the year again…but what a strange one it’s been!

Normally at this time of year, our beloved theatre would be alive with joyful audiences, captivating artists and the sound of music, laughter or applause would be spilling out into the cold night air. But this year, the theatre is Silent. Dark. Lonely. It is a sad time, but a time that is not devoid of hope. We may not be able to open at the moment but as soon as we’re able to, you can be sure we will be there with bells on…literally!

So this year, if you can, we are asking you to consider buying a Christmas Voucher for the Whale Theatre. It may be some time before the lucky recipient will be able to exchange this golden ticket for a night of heart-warming entertainment, but think of it as supporting your friendly neighbourhood theatre, buying a ticket to future happiness or buying a key to a mysterious door to untold treasures…or whatever you’re having yourself!

CLICK HERE to get your Whale Theatre Christmas Voucher and help us to make sure that these doors open once again.

Thank you!


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