It’s rare that a parent out there will do cartwheels when their beloved offspring informs them that they want to become a stand-up comedian, but, we reckon for Mr and Mrs Kent, that news was particularly tough.

Given that their beloved Chris already had a well-paying and secure profession under his belt as an electrician.

The good news is, the Cork chuckler has hit the ground running, lighting up many a different room around the country – and being a stand-up has the distinct advantage of being slightly less dangerous than working with all those life-ending watts.

Hanging up his rubber boots proved to be a smart move for Chris Kent, as reflected in the steady flow of TV and radio slots – not to mention the sell-out tours. As his reputation and following grew, London beckoned, and in 2015, Chris went and joined the big boys, soon seducing a whole new audience.

Despite that Cork accent.

Playing the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, Kent told The Irish Examiner about one such incident. “I asked a lady behind a counter at the end of a transaction, ‘Can I pay by card?’. She was there, ‘What? What?’, baffled by my accent. I repeated myself about four times, showing her my bankcard, and eventually she said, ‘Are you saying, do you want a carrot?’…”

Having become a dad, Kent’s latest tour deals with the joys of parenthood. And, no doubt, that growing fear that your child will one day turn to you and say, ‘I’ve changed my mind about university – I’m going to tell jokes for a living’…



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