As any man who wants a peaceful, pain-free life will tell you, being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world.
If not, you know, the very, very, very toughest.

Which is why it’s wise, and warming, and just a tad worrying, for mothers to band together, to share secrets, shortcuts and the ancient art of the sensitive slap.

Just as fathers will gather together for an hour and a half of intense battle on a soggy pitch just to escape their anxieties, inadequacies and uncertainties, mothers like to put the kettle on and talk it out. With other mothers.

The fact that there are social clubs of proud mums popping up all over Dublin, down the country and around the world reflects women’s readiness to live it up and learn. That Greystones has never had such a club is, well, bizarre. Verging on bejiggers.

We’re well known, after all, for being a town of sensitive snowflakes who really need to stick together if we’re ever going to form any kind of definite in this world.

So, kudos to Ali Gibbons, the Greystones mother of two – and founder of the online baby boutique Lou and Belle – for launching Mummy Mornings.
Debuting at The Whale on Friday, March 20th, the concept is simple – mums come together in The Whale (where there’s baby changing facilities, ample room for buggies, and easy parking) to swap ideas and war stories whilst also getting the expert lowdown from some special speakers.
For the first outing, those guest speakers are psychotherapist, author and founder of Dublin’s Parent Child Relationship Clinic Joanna Fortune, plus nutrition coach, TV chef and author Sophie Morris.

Which may explain why Mummy Mornings sold out so quickly. With a handful of reserve tickets just unleashed, hey, this could be the start of something big…


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