Fittingly, for Leap Day, Shaun The Sheep is coming to The Whale

Displaying once again the same kind of dry British wit and warmth of their Wallace & Gromit creation, the Aardman Animations gang brightened up kids TV with their furry little fiend, Shaun The Sheep, when he struck out on his own in 2007.

Since then, the residents of Mossy Bottom Farm have been brightening up adult’s world’s too, Shaun’s 2015 leap to the big screen scoring highly with critics and audiences alike. And now, the woolly wonder’s second full-length feature is upon us, Farmageddon [UK/G/87mins] taking a well-aimed and loving potshot at the sci-fi and disaster movie genre.

In a plot that may or may not have been inspired by E.T., Shaun, Bitzer and the gang encounter a cute alien who has crashlanded on earth, and the Mossy Bottom gang must find a way to get Lu-La back to, eh, To-Pa (which is a crap 1980s band, right…?) before The Ministry of Alien Detection (M.A.D.) get their hands on her.

What ensues is slapstick gold, the silent comedy of Shaun working pretty much the same way as Chaplin or Mr Bean – it’s all in the face, kids. And the falling over. Constantly.

Crucially, this is the kind of film where the adults will be chuckling just as much as the kids…


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