As Two Divas & A Piano comes to town, we talk to happy loving couple Fiachra and Carmel about a lifetime indulging in the food of love…

There’s something beyond learning or even endless rehearsing when it comes to people who have made music together for years upon years.

In the case of happy loving couple Carmel McCreagh and Fiachra Trench, it’s over 40 years of making sweet, sweet music together. And when they hit the stage – as they will with buddy Flo McSweeney for Two Divas & A Piano on February 15th – well, that chemistry can’t help but create some sparks. And a little smoke.

“It’s one of the great joys of having this long, long history of playing music together,” nods Carmel. “You just know all the possible paths, and are ready, at all times, to join the other person on whatever one they choose to take.

“And when you get to that level,” nods Fiachra, “there’s no such thing as a mistake. Everything melds in together, and you literally just let the music take you…”

Not that these guys don’t have plenty of road maps up their sleeves, having long celebrated the classics. Sure, didn’t Fiachra have a hand in many of them, working with everyone from Van Morrison and Phil Lynott to The Corrs and Elvis Costello.

For having put those strings on The Pogues’ Fairytale Of New York, this Delgany deity deserves to be carried shoulder-high through the village.

“It’s a constant search,” he smiles, “just looking for that certain something that goes beyond all the instruments, the song, the musicians, and just hits that high. You never know where or when, or how, and all you can do is to keep aiming higher and higher…”

“Until you get there,” laughs Carmel. “And that’s when you just feel it, from your head to your toes.

“That’s what we’re aiming for, with each and every gig, with each and every song…”


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