Having conquered The Whale alongside her buddie Emma Doran back in December, Tommy Tiernan’s favourite funny girl Julie Jay is coming back for a very special Ladies Night show on Thursday, November 28th.

Self-described sa the ‘neurotic MC’ for Tiernan’s rather popular RTE talk show, Jay has managed to not only pick up a bucketful of awards and nominations over the past three years (including Ireland’s Got Comedy, Forbidden Fruit 2017 and Funny Women 2018) but also a rather large following.

Still, that’s what you get when you make viral video hits, have a top-rated podcast like Up To 90, and prove yourself to be one of Ireland’s hottest stand-ups.

As a special Ladies Night treat, Julie will be bringing her latest stand-up show, Julie Really Love Me?, to The Whale ahead of its official nationwide launch next year. Mainly because, hey, she knows Greystones knows funny.

And also, we’re special. Very special.

So, the perfect end to this annual Greystones tradition, with plenty of storage space for all those bargains, a full bar with waiter service, and, if you’re all very, very good, Julie may even reveal her most important recent discovery – the perfect wash cycle for synthetics.


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