She may have made her name with two best-selling books all about the trials and tribulations of being a twentysomething Irish girl with big dreams, but writer Emily Gillmor Murphy has always been drawn to the macabre.

As her new play, The Horror Writer, proves.

Having first come up with the idea as she took a stroll through Glendalough on a particularly sunny, particularly hot afternoon, Enniskerry’s answer to Wednesday Addams soon envisaged the lake frozen over, a blanket of snow over the Wicklow Hills, and wild wolves darting through the trees. As you do.

And so it was that The Horror Writer was born, Emily shining a comic light on this dark genre, and leaving the audience guessing until the very end as to exactly who – or what – dunnit. And why. And how.

“I’ve just always loved that mix of humour and horror,” says the 29-year-old writer, “and to be able to have this kind of fun, with such a great director and cast – who all bring something to the table – it’s like indulging in this guilty pleasure every single night.”


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