For Newbridge singer-songwriter Sara Ryan, music was there from the very start – and it has served her well, as the Newbridge singer-songwriter prepares to launch her new album in Greystones.

“I’ve always sang,” says Ryan. Ever since I could talk, I’ve been singing, either on my own, in show, with bands, or in musicals. It has always been my happy place…”

Having made her Greystones debut last year, Sara returned in April, to perform alongside Damien Dempsey’s mate, Steo Wall. Part of The Whale’s New Artist strand, it was clear that Ms Ryan is going places.

Just ask Christy Moore.

“Christy has been very kind in singling me out for praise,” smiles Sara, “and, you know, when I can pay him the favour back, I have lots of compliments on his remarkable work just ready to roll.”

As to just who was her biggest influence when it came to music, well, that person is a little closer to home.

“My father always told me to write down how I was feeling,” she explains, “as I always had so many thoughts that I didn’t know what to do with. I found putting pen to paper made me feel free.

“My love for singing, writing and guitar-playing compbined introduced me to my first and everylast love – music.”


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