It’s hard to believe that The Hothouse Flowers have been getting down in the groove and raising the roof for over 30 years now – and no one is more surprised than founding member, Fiachna Ó Braonáin.

The native Greystonian puts it down to those all-important wavelengths.
“There is a huge degree of musical telepathy with the Flower,” he says. “Peter, Liam and I have been playing together for over three decades! And what we do onstage is full of intuition and telepathy! Peter and I have that when we play together too, and, indeed, over the past two years Lisa has fit right in to that dynamic.”

As to the band still bloomin’ after all these years, for Fiachna, it’s all about being in the moment. And enjoying it.
“My natural leaning is to try to be happy in the here and now,” he explains. “Dwelling on the past can be a waste of time sometimes – however, there is a bright glow in the memories too of those early days. Those invincible days full of utterly blind confidence! It’s a wonderful thing to think of… and to tap into… in the here and now!

“We started out as The Incomparable Benzini Brothers, and we were cocksure, brave and knew how to grab attention to gather a crowd. Our success depended on that, and the life we were leading at the time was freewheeling. There is something in the essence of all that that remains with you even though life evolves and all of us now have families and responsibilities that we didn’t have back then.

“If anything, we can now watch as our kids grow up with that sense of owning their world, and grabbing opportunities to be creative and to work. That is an inspiration also big time!”


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