The man may officially hail from Kells in County Meath, but, in truth, Fred Cooke is most probably not of this planet.

As anyone who witnessed his moves on Dancing With The Stars will tell you.

It was way, way back in 2011 that the world first started to notice this ginger giggler, after he not only made his Cat Laughs Comedy Festival debut but was also crowned Ireland’s Most Unique Stand-Up for his Comfort In Chaos show.

From there, it’s been a steady climb up the greasy poll, guesting on the likes of The Republic Of Telly, The Fear, Bridget & Eamon and The Savage Eye whilst also being the announcer for The Tommy Tiernan Show. Oh, and Cooke was remarkably convincing as a corpse on the short-lived BBC comedy series Vexed.

And just to prove that he’s from County Meath, Cooke also wrote and starred in the RTE documentary Operation Transformation: Highway To Kells, where the constantly-travelling stand-up comedian finally got around to some driving lessons. At the age of 35.

Still, it was this year’s Dancing With The Stars that put the Cooke lad on the map, and now, with a new spring in his step, young Fred is bringing his brand new show, Fred Space, to The Whale on Friday, October 11th. Get yer tickets here:


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