Music Together

Run by Greystonians Marion Smith and Andy Smith – along with Jose Roberto Munhoz – Music Together Ireland was founded in 2006, and it has been doing incredible work ever since.

Everyone knows the healing power of music. It helps you see the world in a new light. And a few new colours, to boot.
The main goal of Music Together Ireland is to provide opportunities for people with special needs, physical disabilities to perform music alongside non-disabled participants, helping them to develop skills and ambitions not only in music but other performing arts too. Hosting a variety of workshops, Music Together Ireland is all about bringing people together so they can help one another. And themselves.

As Marion herself explains, Music Together was founded “on the belief that it is a human right to have artistic tools at one’s disposal. Inspired by principles of access and inclusivity, Music Together provides opportunities for people with physical disabilities, alongside non-disabled participants, to develop skills and ambitions in music and related performing arts.

“Furthermore, by continually striving for artistic excellence and showcasing best practice, Music Together aims to challenge public perception and improve public access to the work of disabled artists, thus paving the way for further integration into the arts community.”

They also, it goes without say, have a wonderful time too, as you will find out for yourself when Music Together take over The Whale on July 14th for a free Sunday afternoon concert…


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