With that Best New Folk Artist 2018 gong on the mantlepiece and a certain Christy Moore singing her praises, it’s clear that Kildare artist Sara Ryan is about to become a major new Irish voice.

And just as Hozier made his quiet debut at The Hot Spot back in, oh, 1854, you’ll be able to say you caught Sara Ryan before the stadium years when she makes her debut at The Whale on Friday, May 10th.

Keen to provide a stage for the new wave of acclaimed singers, dancers, musicians and actors emerging in this country, The Whale have introduced their New Artist strand with Sara, who will be sharing the stage with Damien Dempsey’s good buddy, Steo Wall. 

For now, the big question is, when, how and why did Sara first get that insatiable, incurable and miraculous music bug…

I’ve always sang. Ever since I could talk, I’ve been singing, either, on my own, in shows, with bands or in musicals. It has always been my happy place, along with guitar playing.

My father always told me to write down how I was feeling as I always had so many thoughts that I didn’t know what to do with. I found putting pen to paper made me feel free.

My love for singing, writing and guitar playing combined introduced me to my first and everlasting love – songwriting.


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